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34 years in prison, a whole life of resistance !

An Arab Communist, Georges Abdallah joined the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance against the Lebanese confessional bourgeoisie and their imperialist and Zionist allies at very young age.

An Arab Communist, Georges Abdallah was sentenced to life imprisonment in France in 1984 for actions claimed by the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions, fighting at the time against the Zionist occupation of the Lebanon.

An Arab Communist, Georges Abdallah has continued to campaign from behind bars. For example, reiterating his support for the fight against racist police crimes, as well as his solidarity with the different mobilisations by the proletariat in France.

An Arab Communist, Georges Abdallah continues to staunchly uphold the historical program against Zionist colonisation : a free and democratic Palestine from the River to the sea. That is why he reasserts the need for Resistance, including armed resistance, not in occupied Palestine, but also in the Palestinian refugee camps and within the reactionary Arab regimes in the region who are the enemies of the Palestinian people.

An Arab Communist, French imperialism refuses to release him, flying in the face of its own legislation. This refusal demonstrates the aim of the successive French governments to try to cut him off and stifle his voice as an unwavering symbol of anti-imperialism and anti-Zionism in the Middle East.

An Arab Communist, Georges Abdallah is our comrade and we demand his immediate release. On the eve of his 35th year in prison on 24 October this year, OCML-VP calls for large-scale participation in the International Week of Action for his liberation and especially the demonstration to be held on Saturday 20 October, leaving from the station at 2 p.m. before making its way to Lannemezan in the Hautes-Pyrénées where he is held.

Our fight is his fight, His fight is our fight : Free Georges Abdallah !

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